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Simple. Organized. One-way

Hedzup Messenger, a free and perfect solution to team communication. Whether you're a global business or a local sports club, Hedzup enables leaders to send the right information to the right groups of people, effortlessly.

How It Works

Organizations create groups within their account and assign group leaders to manage them. Users request to follow an organization's groups which are relevant to them. Group leaders send one-way messages to approved group followers.

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Messaging To Mobile

With Hedzup Messenger you can send one-way messages directly to your followers. Unlike group chat, followers can't reply, keeping all communication simple and to the point.

Unlimited Groups And Followers

With Hedzup Messenger's unlimited groups, you can tailor your communication into categories or topics, enabling you to send messages that are relevant to a specific group and its followers.

To Manage

We've taken out the headache of group communication with Hedzup's intuitive design. Our streamlined database management means that you will never have to worry about wrong numbers or outdated mailing lists. You can also assign group leaders to manage all of your groups for you. Leaving you with less to worry about.


Hedzup provides a cost-free alternative to bulk SMS and replaces email with instant message alerts, sent directly to your phone.

Download Hedzup

Available For
Multiple Platforms

Hedzup Messenger is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Feature Phones and Desktop (with other mobile devices coming soon!), and uses your internet connection (3G, LTE or Wi-Fi) to send and receive messages.