About HEdzUp

HEdzUp is a network of families who are either already actively home educating, or looking for information and guidance about how to do this.

HEdzUp provides members with the opportunity to network more effectively with one another to access activities, events, resources and tutors to suit their children's ages and their chosen learning interests within a chosen distance from their home, or to offer such activities, events, resources or tuition support to other members of the network.

Members can log in to manage their personal settings and preferences and to see what activities, events, resources and tuition services are currently available. They can also choose to be notified of these by email or sms alerts if they would like and/or via the monthly 'HEdzUp' email newsletter which is personalized to their chosen preferences.

HEdzUp also administers which are a digital form of barter currency, which can be used by members who wish to engage with other members on this basis, to benefit from activities, events, resources and tuition services available within the network and pay for them by providing similar input to other members.