ZUPs make it easy for you to save money supporting your children's home education activities.

ZUPs are a simple form of barter currency, administered by HEdzUp for you to exchange with other members of this network.

How do ZUPs work?

Instead of paying cash for events, resources and tuition, ZUPs enable you to barter your time and skills instead.

Sending ZUPs to other HEdzUp members is easy. You can pay for events and tuition when you book via this website, simply by clicking the 'Pay by Zup' button.

And if you buy some resources from another HEdzUp member face-to-face, you can quickly transfer ZUPs to their account via your Zup controls in your account settings

To earn ZUPs, you can let other members know that you're happy to be paid this way for events, resources or tuition that you offer.

Alternatively, you can simply buy some ZUPs to get you started. You do this through your account settings too.

And if you end up with more ZUPs than you need, you can easily cash them back in again, through your account settings.