About HEdzUp

HEdzUp is a network of families who are either already actively home educating, or looking for information and guidance about how to do this.

What makes HEdzUp unique? Hedzup enables you to:

  1. Engage with home educators online, without joining Facebook or any of the other 'big-data' social media platforms. (Even if you don't mind, there are many home educators who choose not to do this, meaning those platforms will not enable you to network with those families online.
  2. Define the geographical size of your own network, based on your family being smack-bang in the middle, and you choosing how far you wish to reach out in every direction. (more...)
  3. Get filtered information, about what's really important to you. This is based on factors like your children's ages and interests, (saving you time searching for useful nuggets among the rest of the noise.)

You manage your personal settings and choose how you want to be notified. You can:

  • download the app for fast, easy access,
  • check the website whenever you like,
  • get email summaries via the HEdzUp Newsletter, or even
  • set up sms text alerts on your phone!

This puts all of the control in your hands, bringing you details of activities, events, resources and tuition services near you.

HEdzUp also administers which are a digital form of barter currency, which can be used by members who wish to engage with other members on this basis, to benefit from activities, events, resources and tuition services available within the network and pay for them by providing similar input to other members.

Defining your network area

You just enter your location and how far you are willing to travel. Everything else is done for you!

Sometimes another family will be within your chosen travelling distance and you will also be within theirs. In such cases you would consider attending events at their home, and they would consider events at yours too.

Sometimes the family with the shorter travelling distance would not visit an event at the other family's home, but the other family would consider visiting theirs. These are the next closest families in your network.

Then there are those who are unlikely to visit each other's homes, but who may well meet at events somewhere between their two homes. This might be at another HEdzUp member's home or some other venue

You may still occasionally be in contact with more remote families than those described above. For example through one-off special events where you travel further than normal (e.g. to visit the House of Commons), or through events arranged through skype-like conference meetings.

There may also be times when your specific interests and/or reasons for home educating indicate you have something strongly in common with a distant HEdzUp member, worthy of considering developing a more remote relationship for mutual support.

In this way, every member of HEdzUp automatically develops a network of home educators around them, putting you right in the very middle of your own network, with HEdzUp members and relevant activities going on all around you in every direction.

Compare this to being on the fringe boundary of any geographically defined group that has it's own set borders, and you'll see how HEdzUp makes such a difference. That's on top of all the other filters that you get to apply!