Meet Some Local Home Educating Families

One of the best ways to get help, support and guidance about home educating in your area is to meet up with a few local families who already know the ropes. You'll probably be surprised just how many there are.To get in touch with them, simply join HEdzUp and you'll find experienced home educators more than willing to welcome you into their homes to share their experiences with you and guide you through any issues you might be concerned about.

You'll also discover the local group activities that are going on around you, where you can network with more home educating families while your children get to build new friendships with other home educated children who will better understand the freedoms presented by this way of life.

And, if you're wanting to just dip your toe in the water before deciding whether to jump in with both feet, why not take a look at the list of specialist tutors in your area that are available to you, to support your children through any of those areas where you really feel like you'd need some support. You could try some of those out on an after‑school basis, or if it'd suit you better, at weekends or during school holidays. You'd get a clearer idea of just how much support there is out there for you.

Alternatively, check out the support resources that you could review and perhaps try out with your children to get a real taste of what is available to you. Of course these will be useful for you whatever you decide.