Offer 1-to-1 tuition to home educators in your area

If you'd like to offer private tuition in a particular subject, then we can give you the HEdzUp about how much interest there's likely to be in that subject among home educating families near you. We don't just make this up - it's based on what they've told us about their priorities.

If your specialist subject is something we don't already have data on, we can easily set up a poll for you to see how your idea might fly.

If there are several subjects you are thinking about offering, then we can give you the HEdzUp on what subjects your local home educators have expressed strongest interest in.

When you've decided what tuition you'd like to offer, just let us know the details and we'll give those interested families the HEdzUp about it, to get the word out for you.

If you're happy to provide your services to more distant students through a skype-like interface, we can set that up for you too!

If you'd like to do this, let us know. Just click here to sign in to your account or send a message below.